The Story

What Is Melanin

Melanin Unscripted is a global media platform and digital agency aimed to expose complex identities and cultures through visual content, podcasts and curated events such as panels, screenings, music events and exhibitions.

Globally, we are dedicated to uncovering the unscripted and real life perspectives of people around the world who are shaping the culture and breaking barriers.

Our main objective is to inspire people to pursue their passions regardless of their race, gender or background by sharing the unique stories of gamechangers paving the way for the next generation and exposing new narratives.


MU Agency


The Mission

Melanin Unscripted is a platform and free-from agency aimed to dismantle stereotypes and blur the lines by exposing complex identities and cultures around the world.


The results

We produce innovative content that sets our work apart by focusing on untold stories and creative storytelling.


The people

Content by the people, for the people. Through our diverse team of creatives we have a broad understanding on popular culture and create content reflective of both contemporary and timeless culture.

Why choose us?

At our core we are honest, dedicated, connected – and an authority on Millennial culture throughout the world. We specialize in brand development, publicity, niche and cross-cultural marketing. We shape the narrative in which publications create content, connect brands with strong influencers and open doors for brands to connect with consumers directly through authentic storytelling. Beyond working with artist, labels and companies to create content, we also produce events and workshops in countries around the globe.

Global team operating in: New York, Los Angeles, London, Lagos, Tokyo

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