Our Mission

Melanin Unscripted is a media studio that aims to dismantle stereotypes and blur the lines by exposing complex identities and cultures around the world. We work to inspire the next generation of game changers and creative thinkers by sharing diverse stories that foster global relatability and cross-cultural connections.

At the core of our ethos is the intention to amplify unique narratives that exist within marginalized communities, and create direct impact by offering creatives of color a platform, resources, and opportunities to excel.

Creatives for Relief  

“Nurturing Creativity to Empower Our Next Generation”
Through community engagement and social campaigns, Melanin Unscripted is dedicated to seeking out creative solutions to the world’s problems and creating impact that helps to empower the next generation. Our impact platform “Rise in Light” is a social impact initiative that connects artists, creatives and innovators with campaign efforts that provide relief to youth in disadvantaged communities in Africa and its Diaspora through education, creative development and wellness resources. As a facet of Melanin Unscripted Impact, all Rise In Light projects center on developing creative initiatives that highlight diverse culture, in order to give rise to a shift that impacts the community and creates influence at a corporate level, to then create a pathway towards sustainable, social change.

Contact MU Studio

    Or reach us at: contact@melaninunscripted.com