ProjectCapturing Kindness: Behind the Lens of  Black Women Photographers

Capturing Kindness: Behind the Lens of  Black Women Photographers

Melanin Unscripted, Vox Creative and Starbucks have come together to create an inspiring short film called “Capturing Kindness”. The film is a visual tribute to Black women photographers and their powerful impact on the world of visual storytelling. It showcases the work of several visionary photographers from the Black Women Photographers global collective, highlighting the beauty and resilience of Black and non-binary women in the visual arts industry.

Through their lenses, these artists capture everyday moments of kindness, joy, and empowerment, giving viewers a glimpse into the power of collective compassion. Directed by our founder Amarachi Nwosu, the film pairs an uplifting message with the use of spoken word written and performed by Amarachi, with stunning visuals to share a timely reminder of the power of art to inspire positive change, preserve history and promote inclusivity and understanding.

In the film, we meet Noèmie Tshinanga and other BWP members Michal Petros, Eno Inyangete, Laila A. Stevens, and Vonecia Carswell, as they capture the essence of kindness through the lens of their cameras. 

Amarachi Nwosu, says “Capturing Kindness is a tribute to these artists and their unique perspectives, and we hope it inspires viewers to see the world through a lens of love and empathy. The film was produced by Vox Creative and Starbucks in collaboration with Melanin Unscripted’s creative studio and is available to watch on 

Capturing Kindness is part of the Human Kind Film Festival powered by Vox Media and Starbucks.

If you are interested in learning more about the film, you can watch it on 

We hope this film inspires you to appreciate the beauty around you and to see the world through a lens of love and empathy. Don’t forget to share the film with your friends and family, and join the journey of visual storytelling and kindness.