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Storytellers for Change: Where Revolution Meets Artistry

Women are a topic of discussion worldwide, but their health and well-being often take a backseat. Cervical cancer, a rarely discussed but deadly disease, has claimed many lives, particularly in African countries like Nigeria. To combat this growing threat to women’s health globally, spreading awareness is paramount. This grant serves as a platform to educate women creatively through filmmaking. Its mission is to test the creativity of Nigeria and raise awareness about the dangers of cervical cancer and its preventive measures.

Unmasking the Peril of Cervical Cancer 

There are many ways that cervical cancer can be contracted, the most common of these ways being through (HPV) infections. This illness is often asymptomatic but can include symptoms such as bleeding after sex and pelvic pain. Sadly, cervical cancer remains largely misunderstood, despite its potential for early management. Female reproductive health remains a neglected topic, especially in African regions. 

 To combat this life-threatening sickness and share critical awareness,it is vital for creatives in film and storytelling to use their medium as a power to share awareness and potentially save lives. The Storytellers for Change Grant operates in this spirit, aiming to prolong women’s lives globally while empowering filmmakers and storytellers. 

The Necessity of Narratives and a Call for Impact 

All of these points and reasons add to the essence of the Storytellers for Change Grant and how the art of storytelling can bring revolutionary results for the greater good of women worldwide.  A distinguished panel of judges, including

Melanin Unscripted CEO and founder Amarachi Nwosu, Emmy-nominated investigative journalist Kiki Mordi, film and TV agent at CAA Ozi Menakaya, and Tunde Onakoya, the founder of Chess in Slums, exemplify using their craft for impactful causes. Through mentorship initiatives,  these creative minds will inspire applicants to use creativity with purpose.

 Partners like UN Global Goals, Document Women, Family Inc., and LL&B actively support this campaign in the hopes that it will be of great benefit to the landscape of storytelling and the wellness of women worldwide. Taken into consideration in the development of this campaign, which includes a $10,000 grant to support a filmmaker based in Nigeria. Applicants need only come from Nigeria and have an empowering and compelling narrative through storytelling related to cervical cancer awareness.

Storytelling as Medium of Global Impact

Melanin Unscripted thrives on fostering change and amplifying voices within its community. The Storytellers for Change initiative, driven by this force, serves a higher purpose. It demonstrates the potential of being creative with a story that the world urgently needs.  Nigerian storytellers and filmmakers are encouraged to use their craft to serve others, a vital aspect of the creative process. With the adoption of the Storytellers for Change initiative, we hope to save millions from cervical cancer through awareness strategies and make  women in Africa and worldwide aware of the  danger. Through the power of storytelling,  this initiative aims to create  compelling narratives with global impact.  

Empowering Change through Stories 

Revolutionary work, fueled by artistry and creativity, has the potential to benefit current and future generations. It seeks to empower and transform the lives of women globally, offering immense opportunities for the betterment of our world. In conclusion, the Storytellers for Change Grant embodies the transformative power of storytelling, serving as a beacon of hope in the fight against cervical cancer, and it is our collective responsibility to craft narratives that illuminate the path towards a healthier and more empowered future for women around the world.

Application Dates

Applications for the Storytellers for Change Grant open on Tuesday, September 14, 2023, and close on Tuesday, October 12, 2023, on the Rise in Light website.

Applications for this grant are available HERE.