ProjectRise in Light

Rise in Light

Premiered on Vogue Magazine “Rise in Light”, is a short film produced by Melanin Unscripted starring top model Alton Mason. Not only is it a stunning visual expression of finding oneself, it also serves as a social impact initiative. Melanin Unscripted partnered to raise $10,000 towards COVID-19 relief for children and families at Khan Foundation who were affected by the economic pressures of the pandemic.

The campaign involved Melanin Unscripted’s global community as creatives such as Jourdan Dunn, Temi Otedola, Storm Reid and more lent their voices to the cause.


Watch the message from our  “Rise In Light” Global community here

“Rise in Light” is a movement created by the youth to inspire and ignite the future leaders of our world. It’s a call for change, evidence of freedom and the expression of love and joy.”
Alton Mason
Model & Actor
The main goal of the film was to show the concept of love, light and understanding. It’s a really dark and uncertain time in the world and we wanted to use our creativity to not only show a film representing reconnection to people, land, water and nature, but also make a difference in the lives of the communities we present. While many artists often come to Africa and use the aesthetics of the space, we wanted to be more considerate and use this film as a catalyst to actually help people on ground and make an impact. Rise in light is an opportunity for us to shed light on communities that often get overlooked but also the opportunity for us to tune in to the light we all have in ourselves. While we are going through a dark time, we can dig deep at our core and share abundance with others.”
Amarachi Nwosu
A project that began as a light-hearted collaboration in Lagos, over time evolved into a short film rich with purpose. The editing process was a practice of puzzle-piecing different visuals together to craft the story through symbolism. After much time spent rearranging the pieces, things eventually clicked into place and it felt like we cracked open a whole new layer of truth in the message. With the timing of this pandemic, we each felt an inner calling to find some way to apply our creativity into some form of solution - no matter the size of it. Truthfully, I think if every being were to direct their energy & awareness more towards solutions, the snowball effect of small solutions adding up would have an incredible momentum towards healing. Hopefully our creation can spark a light in the hearts of a few others to apply their creative minds towards solutions in their spheres."
Soof Light

Directed by: @amaraworldwide & @sooflight 
Filmed in: @sooflight 
Written by: @altonmason & @amaraworldwide 
Produced by: @nnennaanyaugo & @ugomozie 
Stylist: @ugomozie 
Dancers: DayoursDanceCrew 
Editor: @sooflight 
Production Company: @melaninunscripted 
Executive Producer: @altonmason

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