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Stepping into the World of First-Gen Creatives

Choosing to pursue unconventional career paths often comes with unique risks and pressures. “Some people see it as rebellion,” Senegalese-born model and creative, Abdulaye Niang , reflects. Like Abdulaye, many young budding creatives from immigrant backgrounds find themselves navigating these experiences while fighting for a chance to live their dreams. This often encapsulates the First-Generation experience of navigating unfamiliar waters to paths that have been set out in familiar fields like law, medicine, engineering and beyond. 

In our new micro-series titled “First-Gen Creatives”, Melanin Unscripted steps into the worlds of Abdulaye, Ghanaian-American Photographer Kofi Duah, Cambodian-American Stylist & Designer Carolyn Son, Australian Film Director Courtney Brookes, Puerto Rican-American model, actress, and host Kalysse, and Nigerian-American Project Fulfiller, Peter Johnson. Each of these creatives explore topics on navigating the industry, family influences, sharing advice to other upcoming creatives and more.

Directed by Amarachi Nwosu, Cinematography by Kennard Medina and edited by Marcus Bassett, the micro-series seeks to be a window into the realities of young creatives finding their voices, daring to dream, and forging new paths for themselves. It joins  MU’s host of documentaries in bridging cultural gaps in narrative and unscripted storytelling. Spanning from creatives in fashion, film, photography and beyond, this series takes a look at the questions many First-Generation Creatives ask themselves in seeking fulfillment in their work but also in understanding the wider social structures that they navigate through.

Stay tuned for the premier of First-Gen Creatives across Melanin Unscripted’s social media channels releasing bi-weekly starting on Monday September 12th.

Directed by Amarachi Nwosu 

Cinematography by Kennard Medina 

Edited by Marcus Bassett

Production by Vanessa Dos Santos

Photography by Jerusa Nyakundi 

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