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The Coolest People Shaping Tokyo’s Music Scene



Although Japan seems distant from the rest of the world geographically, there exists a music scene exploring genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, and Funk. In partnership with The Fader, Melanin Unscripted highlighted five artists; JP The Wavy, Elle Teresa, Antarius, Yukibeb, and Marzy who are bringing unique perspectives to the forefront of Tokyo’s emerging music scene.

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“Nobody in Tokyo fits into one mold. Everyone just does things that they think are cool. I want to keep showing that.” 



“I want Japanese music to be seen as cool. Japan is already like the Atlanta of Asia in the sense that the coolest stuff comes from here — fashion, anime, etc. But the music is lacking.”



“Japan should be developing new genres rather than trying to maintain old ones. We have to look at places like America and U.K. who are always reinventing the sound.”



“I want Japanese people to realize there’s a lot of music out there you can find on your own, not just what you’re fed through the media.”



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